Pinning on Pinterest

  Here are some facts about Pinterest: Pinterest is wonderful for DIY’s, wedding ideas, party inspirations, craft ideas, Life hacks and even recipes. 2. It was founded by Ben Silberman, Evan Sharp and Paul Sciarra. However, Sciarra later left Pinterest in 2012. 3. The headquarters are located in San Francisco, California. 4. It has been translated… Continue reading Pinning on Pinterest

It’s all about Snapping on Snapchat

Oh Snap, were talking about Snapchat and this is one of my favorite social media platforms and apps to talk about. Snapchat is considered to be very popular with millennial’s ages 13-38 year old and over 60 percent of them use it according to a census done by Snapchat about its users. I honestly love Snapchat because… Continue reading It’s all about Snapping on Snapchat

The importance of an audience

In Chapter 9, Briggs discusses the importance of having your work being viewed or even read because without someone interacting with your work, can you really call yourself a journalists? The chapter goes into great detail about how over time in the journalism field the marketing and advertising of journalists work has completely changed due… Continue reading The importance of an audience