My favorite holiday things

With the holidays creeping up, I mean I’ve already seen people putting up their christmas tress on Facebook. Crazy right? So, here is a list of things that I think that one should do this holiday season, since apparently Christmas starts November 1st:elf.gif

  • Drinking real fresh hot chocolate, the kind at Starbucks does’t count. However, the hot chocolate at QuickTrip and other gas stations are actually really good. I refused to spend any more than $4 for a drink, I think any more than that is ridiculous. You’ve got all season to buy  the drink, so again pace yourself. However, I do recommend getting a Pumpkin Spice Latte they are delicious and smell like an awesome candle.


  • Go ice skating, yes it sounds cheesy but go do close to Christmas. There is nothing more magical than skating especially when it starts to snow. It’s so amazing, just go try it and thank me later!

    ice skating.gif

  • Buy a real Christmas tree. I mean I am guilty of buying a fake tree for Christmas but there is no smell that is better than a real Christmas tree smell in your house when you get home. However, be careful because they are really flammable and keep the away from your pets because they are really bad for our fur babies, so be careful.


  • Get a matching sweater set for you and your fur baby. I just bought Chester my puppy dog one this year for when it starts to get cold. I got one early cause this time last year I could’t find one cause they were sold out everywhere.



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