My name is Ashley and I am a senior in college at Georgia State University. I am majoring in Journalism with a minor in Psychology, still not sure how that happened, but anyway I want to welcome you to my site.


I created this blog not only because it was a requirement for my journalism class, but because I wanted to share what little information that I have learned about the journalism field with others. In hopes of them being able to school me or steer me in the right direction of achieving my dreams as a future journalists or paid Target shopper, which ever happens first.
I hope to make you laugh a bit with my writing and welcome all types of criticism and any critique that you throw my way, but please do be gentle my heart is still healing from recent disagreement between me and Starbucks about how much Pumpkin Spice should be in a Pumpkin Spice latte. So, please be gentle. Fall is going to be hard for me to get through.
I hope that my rhetoric brightens your day and does nothing more than gives you something to think about or even question.

Hopefully my posts helped you to think and laugh about the everyday world, I do believe laughing is still allowed in journalism. Or has it been banned, we may never know?
Please feel free to comment or message me about any post that interested you or hopefully made your day!