My final thoughts

journalism is.jpgWhen I found out that I had to take Digital Journalism this semester I was very nervous. I had no experience with filming and editing in Adobe Premier, which now I sometimes I feel like an expert in. I learned so much in this class that I feel I can apply just about anywhere, even if I don’t decide to pursue a career in journalism. Which at this particular moment its communication law, but we will see is that changes before I graduate college.

I feel like this class has taught me a lot about myself and what I am capable of. I never thought that I would be able to go out and find a story, then shoot and edit it and write a script for it. I have never experienced this kind on hands on learning in any other of my journalism classes and I have to say I have been missing out. I enjoyed learning about the different types of social media and many that I wasn’t even aware of. Getting the chance to learn and better understand about social media I felt like can better help me in my future career. For example, I don’t have a Linked-In profile and now after learning about how important Linked In is for jobs and getting ahead. I now feel old and left behind with my online or print resume.


I enjoyed our tour of GPB mostly because it got us out of the classroom and being able to experience the different things that we have been talking about all semester long. To get the chance to see a control room and board up close in personal in an experience I am not sure that I will ever forget. To get to be in a studio and get the to look all around, its magically, well at least I thought so.

If I could wrap this class up in so may words I would say that this class helped me to step out of my comfort zone and show what I am really capable of. I have been told all my life that I am a great writer. I have considered this gift a great honor and never ever dreamed of ever doing anything else but writing. However, aster my trip to GPB and my experience with shooting and editing video on my own and with my wonderful group, I may consider studio production in my future career plans.

When I started out choosing Journalism as my major I chose it because I felt that one could help to change the world with journalism, that writing is the only way to do that. Now, having experience with video and audio I think that there is a more modern way of changing the world and it is not with words. Don’t get me wrong I think that words are important, but I think that video and images help to make you experience something and truly be able to better understand it.

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