News Package #3

Above is my news package #3 that I made for my Digital Journalism class. My group and I decided to focus on the unknown and secret places on Georgia State University campus. This was probably the most fun video that we filmed all semester because of all the different places that we got to visit, some of them I didn’t even know about and I am Senior at GSU. But, then again I tend to only visit the library, the parking deck, my classroom locations and anywhere that I can get food in between classes that doesn’t have a long line.

Our first location that we filmed at was at Aderhold’s roof top garden. I have had classes in the Aderhold building for years and had no idea that there was a rooftop garden, who knew. It gives you an amazing view of the city and helps to make Atlanta look a little more magical with all the cement and tall buildings.

The second location that we picked was the secret quiet room in the library on the 5th floor. When I mean quiet it is quiet, there is even a sign that says chips aren’t allowed. However, when I saw the room all I thought about was what a great room it would be to take a nap in, but then again that is just me.

The third location was the Panther corner café, which is apparently located in the bottom of Kell Hall, you know the building that use to be a parking garage and turned into classroom space. Got love that we traded in green space for a Starbucks and vending machines, because the old parking garage was supposed to be torn down and be green space for students. But, instead we got another building cause that is exactly what Atlanta needs, more buildings.First week of school, wednesday


The fourth location was a location that a friend of mine told me about. It’s located in the bottom floor of the Andrew Young building and its an old converted bank vault that has been turned into a study room. If seeing this doesn’t make you want to change your major to Political Science or any other form of policy studies, that seeing the rest of the study area in the building will, trust me. I feel cheated as a Journalism student cause our study area isn’t half as nice as there’s is.

The fifth location is the Bouldering cave in the bottom floor of the Student Rec building, its much more challenging than the tall rock wall on the opposite side of the building because you can climb not only the walls, but the ceiling too.

Our last location was the Swings in between Student center west and east. They are kind of tucked away in the corner, so there easy to pass by.

Overall, I would say that filming this project really helped me to use a lot of the tools that I learned in class. For example, constantly thinking about lighting in our shots because of course while we were filming it was windy and cloudy. Remembering the rule of thirds when filming our shots and even when editing it all together, trying to fix the resolution on some shots to make it more appealing. This project was a lot of fun though I know my group and I are relieved that it is done cause we a lot of ups and downs with this project. I’m pretty sure one or all of us cried at some point trying to finish this thing. I would sum it up as something that was memorable and a great learning experience, that I hope I don’t have to do again for a awhile.

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