News Package #2

Above, is my news package #2 that I completed in my Digital Journalism class. This project was about comparing students that get involved on campus to those who don’t. I find myself to be apart of the second group, as to me and as the gentlemen in the video put, my time is my most important asset. Which is true, between constantly working, studying and doing homework, playing with Chester (my 2 year old puppy) and trying not to loose my sanity, I’m constantly booked.

Don’t get me wrong I am not putting down getting involved on campus I think that its great, for some people. But, when I go into a job interview and they ask you why you weren’t involved in more extracurricular activities, it kind of makes me a little angry. I mean some of us have to work to pay grown up bills and buy dog food for our fur children, we don’t have the time to dedicate to a club or activity. That small precious time that I do have I like to save it for my social life and napping. I won’t give those up without a fight or until food is involved.

We talked to a lot of students about this issue and many varied on the subject. Some people were dead set on the idea that if you weren’t involved in any clubs or activities that it would affect you some how later in life, which I think is a little paranoid. Others, had the opinion of myself that they were trying there best to work, go to school and get good grades. Shouldn’t that be enough, you know. I mean I have at 3.9 GPA and work at a restaurant almost all the time and your telling me that because I wasn’t in some club that my future is going to be affected, come on.


Throughout the process of making this package, we ran into many difficulties trying to get students to open up to us. Sometimes it felt like we were constantly questioning their choices of to get involved or to not get involved, that was not ever our intention but it just happened that way. When we finally did get students to open up to us about it, most of the ones that were willing to talk to us were students that were heavily involved. They seemed more interested in showing off what clubs they were in and how they made them better, than actually trying to understand why others weren’t able or would want to be involved. I should make the point that not all the students we interviewed shared this perspective, only a few and I’m pretty sure that my group and I came to a consensus to leave them out of the video. So, don’t judge out GSU students to harshly.

This package didn’t make me question whether or not I did the right thing throughout college of choosing to not be involved. I mean I was in so many clubs in high school, that when I graduated I looked like I had enough club cords to hang myself on a curtain rod. I just decided that when I started college I wanted to take some stress away from my life and not being in clubs has helped with that. But, then again that’s my choice at the end of the day. Make the choice that is best for you. However, I will say that naps are way more awesome than club meetings.

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