GPB Visit

Our visit to GPB was beyond exciting. 20161118_115542.jpgThe glass entry way with the white marble floors and seeing multiple television screens throughout the lobby displaying all the different shows and productions that are most popular at GPB. Our tour guide was probably one the most friendliest individuals I have met and was so knowledgeable about GPB, which he should be he has been working there longer than I have been alive.

Once inside we got to see the inside of an actual studio where television shows like Paternity Court are filmed in. The tour guide explained how expensive the studio is and that compared to other studios, there space at GPB was quite cheaper. He also showed us around to get a look at the black walls that lined all around the studio, this is for lighting purposes. He was most proud of the elegant new curtains that they has replaced the old ones with, telling us that the new ones were fire resistant/retardant. Which I guess is refreshing so that the studio doesn’t burn down to the grown in case a hot light points at the curtain for to long and catches fire.


My20161118_121552.jpg favorite part during the studio tour was to see the actually stage area where the filming takes place and to look up into the audience seats just to see how large the room actually is, you don’t realize how big it is when your looking from up above near the control room.


Above I have included some of the best pictures that capture the essence of the GPB lobby it is a bit intimidating and I guess I would have been more nervous it I hadn’t seen Grover from the sesame street, which kind of made me feel like I was a kid again. If the displays in the front lobby weren’t enough to get you excited then wait till I tell and show what else we did.20161118_132159.jpg

To my right is a picture of an actual studio where children’s science shows and experiments are filmed. It was really awesome to be able to see what the set looked like up close and personal. Even though just about everything on the set was fake except for some of the beakers, it was interesting learning about how they chose different lighting and material in order to construct the set. So, that way the lighting will match up and look good on the camera.

20161118_131449.jpgI also thought that it was pretty cool to be able to see an actual control room and an actual control board, like the one on the left. our tour guide tried to explain what most of the buttons meant, but I think he realized that he was starting to loose us. In case you haven’t noticed there is a lot of buttons on their, so I couldn’t even imagine trying to remember what all they do.

Overall, I would say our trip was fun and exciting at GPB. I got to experience and see things that I never did before. Better understanding how important lighting and sound play in production. And even get a first look at a professional camera that is used to shot television shows. If you have never been to GPB, I would highly recommend it if you get the chance to visit.




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