Tumbling with Tumblr


Tumblr is the most unique social media platforms in that its much more blog driven, that individuals posts. There are blogs on Tumblr that are more famous than there creators. So, that let’s you know that it is a small tight knit community that primarily occupies Tumblr, like over 550 million monthly users and 30-50 million active users. Which is a bit small when it comes to active social media numbers, however that doesn’t make this digital platform any less fun. However, Tumblr was just recently bought by Yahoo in 2013 for $1.1 billion dollars, who knew Yahoo had so much dough?

Which brings me to my next point about what I love about Tumblr.My personal absolute favorite thing to do on Tumblr is to look at the food blogs. The gifs of some people’s creations look so delicious that it even has me drooling at my laptop. Especially, the pizza blogs. I mean I already really, really love pizza anyway but when I see the pictures of the deliciousness of melted cheese, I have to immediately either go make pizza or go get some. I mean lets be real, I don’t have time to make homemade pizza sauce and dough from scratch, so I will be buying me some. But, at least I am looking at pictures and gifs of homemade pizza, that counts right?

But, food is just a small part of the vast wonderfulness of Tumblr. There are over 280.4 million blogs on Tumblr. So, needless to say there is just about a blog for everyone. However, when it comes to Tumblr it is mostly used by millennials with about 69 percent of them using the social media platform. What I found to be even more surprising is that it is available in over 16 languages, which makes it really inclusive to everyone.


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