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When it comes to social media, I think that Reddit gets counted out. I think that the best way to describe Reddit to you is for you to better understand the purpose of Reddit. To me I think that Reddit can be described as essentially an old school discussion board that just happens to has its own websites. I had personally has heard people talk about the site, but never needed or had the opportunity to use the site myself.

Its a place where people can have long drawn out discussion about various topics and talk back and forth to each other, some have usernames and others don’t. When you pull up Reddit on your computer it is not as pretty in its presentation of the site compared to other social networking sites, like Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram. It is very old school with its look and very basic, not a lot of hidden features, which is why it appeals to certain people. However, when I see it I am just reminded of the comments section of YouTube where anyone and everyone has a voice. Which we all know can be good or bad because some people don’t need to be heard.

Now, I may just be speaking from an outsiders perspective here but when I first heard about Reddit and then saw it, I didn’t see the appeal. Facebook I get, even Twitter or Snapchat I get. But, Reddit I just really see the appeal. I mean it was interesting seeing different people’s opinions and perspectives on the site. But, if I needed an opinion on something wouldn’t I just go to Yelp or Google. Reddit wouldn’t be my first choice, but lets not count it out. Like the cute Starbucks guy, I will give the site a chance. I mean it has had over 55 million visitors from over 175 different countries, so maybe there is more to this social networking site than meets the eye. I mean if individuals like Obama and Bill Gates are using it I guess I should step up and take notice.

However, I don’t think that I will change my no Reddit ways. I have been looking into more and maybe eventually I will commit and take the plunge into becoming a Reddit user, but for now I will remain an outsider. I mean if I being real, I don’t really have anything that I would want to take the time to post on a discussion board or vote on the most important topics that are going on. My life is pretty hectic right now and even though I am not completely against Reddit because I haven’t experienced all it glory, again like the cute Starbucks guy. But, I feel that sites like these are slippery slopes. I have a hard enough time to keep my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram addiction in check and I haven’t even mentioned my problem with caffeine, but that is for another posts. I just feel that we have to be careful when engaging in sites that are so personal to us and that we remember that there is another human being behind that screen, no a robot. So, be careful what you say.

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