Pinning on Pinterest



Here are some facts about Pinterest:

  1. Pinterest is wonderful for DIY’s, wedding ideas, party inspirations, craft ideas, Life hacks and even recipes.


2. It was founded by Ben Silberman, Evan Sharp and Paul Sciarra. However, Sciarra later left Pinterest in 2012.

3. The headquarters are located in San Francisco, California.

4. It has been translated into more than over 30 languages.

5. Pinterest is known as “the world’s catalog of ideas” rather than being known as a social network.

6. Many news organizations use Pinterest such as The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The Chicago Tribune, Huffington Post UK and even The Wall Street Journal. The Wall Street Journal even experienced with Pinterest during Fashion week and it was very successful.

7. I think that Pinterest can be summed up as a sharing of ideas site, more than actually social media. I mean it has photos and instructions but it is not traditional social media site.

8. Just in case you didn’t know Pinterest is really addicting. Like forgetting what time it is addicting. I’m just warning you.


9. I would probably describe Pinterest as one as the favorite social media apps to play with. One can loose time pinning pins to boards and looking for ideas for one’s hypothetical wedding or baby shower or if your like me you use it mostly for imaginary organizations tips and recipes that you won’t make cause you don’t have the time. But, still have all the ideas pinned to your board just in case if you ever get a free moment to make mac and cheese from scratch. When in reality your just eating easy mac from the microwave and imagine it to be the homemade version recipe that is one your board.

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