Being a grown up with LinkedIn


LinkedIn is what I like to call the grown up and professional version of Facebook. It allows you to connect with future and current employers. Essentially, you make small talk with people that you have nothing in common so that they will give you a good recommendation for a job.

That way you can make more money to pay off your student debt and finally start buying the name brand chocolate bars and coffee like you have been dreaming about since you graduated college. At least that is what my older cousins who have graduated college have told life is like when you graduate, so needless to say I’m not looking forward to doing the whole grown up thing.

I mean I know that there are people my age who have children, families and full time jobs. But, I have a hard enough time keeping my apartment fridge stock with food and clean clothes.

I couldn’t even imagine trying to keep a tiny human alive right now, I mean the fact that my 2-year-old puppy named Chester is thriving is a freaking miracle, one that I feel inclined to put on my resume, sometimes. Please don’t judge me.

But, I digress as usual. Adulting with LinkedIn is the responsible thing to do. It can help you display your talents and skills to employers that you may not even know are hiring. I mean who doesn’t love changing jobs not because you hate it, but because you found another place that will pay you more money to do the same job. That is what I called awesome sauce! Its even better is they give you free snacks. Getting paid to work and eating snacks that’s the dream right there.

So, be a grown up and get a LinkedIn so that you can get a good job and finally move out of your parents basement. Or at the very least so you have to stop calling your parents about adulting issues, like paying taxes and stuff. Which I still have to do, I mean where do you pay these taxes and how do you know you’ve paid them. Just go and get a LinkedIn, its good for the eventually grown up you.



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