Twitter can be summed up as one of my favorite social media platforms, because it is always changing and constantly updating with content and comments. With over 310 million users its is clear that it is immensely popular and can be called the place where all breaking news happens.

Twitter is a unique social media platform because it is very user driven. Did you know that the features the hashtag, the retweet button and the @ sign were all proposed by the users. The company didn’t come up with it at all. Twitter got its popularity start when the pilot Captain Sulley landed his plane on the Hudson when equipment failure occurred. This event blasted Twitter onto the social media forefront and had people across the country talking about the event.unfollowed me.gif

It is even popular with helping kick start the Black Lives Matter Movement and helped organizers of the group get in touch with supporters to tell them where to meet up and inform the public of protests. Also Twitter is known for being helpful in finding the Boston Marathon killer when the manhunt for him commenced.

It was founded in 2006 founded by Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone. I would call a social media platform that allows the user to express their opinion, emotion or feelings with 140 characters or less. It even allows users to add pictures and videos to their posts, while also adding a tagging feature that the user can include call a hashtag. Now, tweeting which is what one does when they use twitter. Not twittering Mom, that’s not what is called. Tweeting can also be beneficial to one’s business profile, instead of place that includes all your latest selfies and commentary about what happened on Grey’s Anatomy last night and how totally unfair it is that Alex is going to trial and even jail. But, I digress.











I like to think of Twitter as a microblogging site that allows the user to send little snippets of information to other users without going overboard. I mean have you read some people’s blogs and even Facebook posts, there needs to be a limit on how many words one can use in order to express themselves. I mean I wish there was a 140 character word limit in real life. Then I wouldn’t have to hear about my cousins adorable children or their wedding plans. We get it, your a grown up. Enough already!


With Twitter I think it is important to always tweet content that is relevant to what your story is in journalism. As future journalists we are always trying to figure out an easy way to get content out there without having to become a YouTube star in order to get noticed. In class we talked about that writing about content that is related to your beat and using a hashtag is very important to the 4-1-1 rule in order to build a target audience. Because isn’t that what journalism is all about is writing to get your audience’s attention. I mean if your getting any audience’s attention with your writing then what’s the point to writing it all. You know the whole if a tree falls in the forest argument.

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