It’s all about Snapping on Snapchat


Oh Snap, were talking about Snapchat and this is one of my favorite social media platforms and apps to talk about. Snapchat is considered to be very popular with millennial’s ages 13-38 year old and over 60 percent of them use it according to a census done by Snapchat about its users.

snap chat gif.gif

I honestly love Snapchat because it’s a different way to express myself with my friends than with words. Because sometimes words are not enough to tell what is going on. You need a 1-10 second video or picture to really understand it all. I mean if you have not used any of the cute and adorable filters featured on Snapchat, than please stop what you are doing and go use them in your selfie right now. They are so much fun.

Anyway, back to Snapchat. I think that now it has become very relevant with news and journalism with the new Discover feature that was added to the app. It allows instant access to news organizations like National Geographic, Daily Mail and CNN. It even allows you to view clips of TV shows from networks like Comedy Central, Food Network and MTV. Snapchat has helped to reinvent news with their live coverage short 10 second videos and I think to help change news for the better.

Snapchat has found a way to compete where other news organizations haven’t been  able to even compete in yet. and Best of yet, Snapchat “snaps” are deleted after you end a conversation with person your were snapping with or a group of your choice. After you end it, the pics go away. Or at least that is what we are told to believe from Snapchat and is why it is so popular with Sexting.

When in reality, your pics and videos don’t disappear. They just simply delete from the phones of the people who saw them and Snapchat own the rights to all the pics and videos you take. So, remember that the next time you decide to send a sext out. Snapchat legally owns your photo or video and can do what they want with it. If you don’t believe me go and check your user agreement its all right in there.

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Snapchat has been changed to Snap Inc. since there widely success and popularity. Did you know that in 2013 Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook tried to buy Snapchat for $3 billion dollars. Luckily, Snapchat creators and Stanford University dropouts Bobby Murphy and Evan Spiegel said no. Apparently they dropped out of Stanford after they received their first paychecks from Snapchat.

million dollars.jpg

I mean can you blame them and since the company is now worth over $25 billion dollars, I think its safe to say that they made the right choice. If only I could come up with that great of an excuse to drop out of college. Oh hey Mom, I don’t need money for textbooks anymore I just created an awesome app that is now worth more than our house is. If only, one could dream.

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