Facebook Live and Periscope

 periscope-vs-facebook-live-streamingAw yes, time to talk about one of my favorite things that has come from the creation of the Internet, besides the adorable clips of a baby panda sneezing or a puppy barking at his  own reflection in the mirror both those get me every time, no let’s talk about social media.

Social media has changed just about everything when it comes to today’s news and journalism, especially with the creation of Facebook Live and Periscope. There are key features between the two, like with Facebook Live you can film for up to 90 minutes, while with the Periscope there is no limit.

Both of these platforms have changed how breaking news is seen and heard. It has even made certain journalists like Jim Quigg and Joe Wright famous based on their use of these new social media platforms.

However, there are pro and cons to both Facebook Live and Periscope. With Facebook Live, its very easy to go viral, there is a countdown and there are analytics, which with Facebook Live it tells you when people started and stopped listening to you. I think that this is a very helpful feature for journalists because it better helps us to figure out when we have lost our audience. However, there are cons to Facebook Live like the comments are really slow to appear, everyone uses it so there it can be hard to reach a target audience and you have to subscribe.

However, with Periscope you have a dedicated and interactive audience and it can reach certain niche audiences. But, there are cons to Periscope like there are multiple glitches, unfortunately many internet trolls lurk on it and it takes a lot of time to build a audience on it because its a little complicated to learn how to use it compared to Facebook which just about everyone knows how to use. Except, for like my 90-year-old grandma who  thinks that the Internet is still a place where you have to actually physical go to.

Either one of these social media platforms that you choose, both of these will take a lot of daily posts to earn and grab a target audience. I personally choose not to use either of these platforms mostly because I don’t like to work that hard to reach my audience, unless its the cute Starbucks guy who makes my coffee than that’s a different story. But, mostly I find live coverage of things a bit annoying. I really don’t need to see what my friends are doing in live time. I mean certain events are interesting like crime scenes are interesting live, but nether Facebook Live or Periscope allow crime scene coverage and promptly take them down.

I think that eventually these platforms will hopefully replace locally live news, mostly because I really hate Live Local news. Because its often done in such a manner that always seems to be framed in such a way that makes who the news organization decides who is guilty, not the actually truth. But, then again the truth is always relative or at least that’s what my philosophy professor is always telling me. Some version of the truth is usually expressed, but its never the whole truth.

Photo credit: http://www.5wpr.com/new/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/periscope-vs-facebook-live-streaming.jpg


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