News Package #1

Above is our news package #1 and we covered the topic of campus housing and safety. This was honestly a lot of fun to do because we got to take so many shots of Georgia State University and witness first hand campus life.

When we first started we went back and forth on campus housing as a topic. It seemed quite boring, which is why we chose security as well. I mean if the recent robbery of the student getting robbed on campus from his dorm room wasn’t enough to get us to focus on security on campus then I don’t know what would. I’ll put the link in here in case you want to read more about it.

Many like myself, don’t live on campus I personally refuse to go into debt essentially living in a shoe box and eating food on the meal plan that cost me less to make myself. However, I did see the appeal of the campus living and was somewhat impressed with security that was in campus housing. I mean a couple of times it was difficult for my friends and I to even get into housing to film and we are all current GSU students, so could even imagine what it is like if your a guest.

However, that doesn’t mean I advocating campus living at all, so please don’t be confused by that fact. I mean sure campus housing has a lot of security, but I think that I speak for all the student body when I say the security around campus in general is lacking.

I mean almost everyday or at least every other day to say the least, I get an email alert on my phone telling me about a robbery or assault that took place on campus. Sure, I know we are located in Downtown Atlanta and sure the crime rate is higher here, but one shouldn’t have to worry about their phone being taken away from them in broad daylight, that’s all I am saying.

I did this news package as apart of my Digital Journalism class that I have to take before I can finally graduate and move on to pay off my student loans. I was pleasantly surprised in how much fun my group and myself had editing and picking out the different scenes of b-roll, which in case you didn’t know that is the background video going on.

I did however, find it difficult to decide what I wanted to piece together and what order I wanted everything to go in. Who so I interview and where exactly should I put them in the video? However, I do have to thank the Director of Residence Life at GSU Shannon for helping us out with this project, she was an absolute gem.

So, please take a look a my video and tell me what you think. Please be gentle with the criticism as this was a school project and was my first news package. I will upload the current one I am working on later on after I am done working on it.

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