Will Journalism keep changing?


If there is one thing that all journalists know to be true, it’s that journalism is a changing field that never remains static. It is constantly changing every day, especially when it comes to social media and how news is shared among it.

Here, I will discuss and comment on the interview that was done with Meredith Artley, the editor and chief of CNN Digital. CNN Digital is the world’s most viewed online news site in 2015 and won the Missouri Honor Award Medal for its contributions to journalism.

She talks about in-depth about how news has been completely turned upside down with the invention of social media and what that means for journalism in the future. If you like to watch the interview yourself, you can find it here.

The interview with Artley gave me insight into what life was like for a journalist in the early 90s and when the internet began to really take off. Artley tells about her background in majoring in broadcast journalism in college, but however her first job was working for the New York Times helping them to get their content online.

Artley said, “It used to be when I started, about putting a story on a website. It’s no longer about that, it’s about crafting a story in multiple ways and thinking about all the places that you can program those stories. It’s thinking about which audiences you want to reach and which channels, which platforms, which screens, which devices and what technology you can use to reach the audience, wherever they are. It is not about destination sites anymore.”

Artley discussed about that probably the hardest part of modern journalism is “staying aware of the conversation” which she means is the understanding and knowing all the arising technology. The interviewer asked her over and over about the hardest part of news, her answer was remarkably honest and true. Artley said, “staying on top of all the change.”

When it came to how news has changed in another way was that, “We know more about our audience, like how and when they use us.” This in itself is an interesting concept, CNN is number one in multiplatform and number one is desktop, they get about 60-65 million views a week, while Fox news receives about 50-55 million views a week according to the interviewer. Artley explained that those numbers are large, CNN’s biggest competition is the smaller sites like Buzz feed, Vice and Huffington Post.

My favorite quote from Artley from the whole interview was from when she said, “it’s better to be right, than to be first.” Which is not only correct, but a little ironic since CNN is a 24-hour news organization.

Artley also dazzles us with her explanation about how social media has changed journalism. She talked about how for CNN, they put a lot of effort into their Snapchat stories and making them personally appeal to that specific targeted audience. She talked about how even though Snapchat might have the larger traffic than other social media platforms, like Twitter or Facebook that it still holds a unique value to modern journalism. Artley said that she feels that in the future of journalism we will continue to see a growth in platforms. I guess we will have to stay tuned to see if she is right.

photo credit: https://multimedia.journalism.berkeley.edu/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/trans_digital_journalism-main.jpg






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