Web workers, I think we are all still trying to fully understand the Web?

keep calm

For those of us that are computer savvy enough to know when the guys at BestBuy are trying to upsell electronics to us, but unaware of what it is we actually just bought then Briggs “Journalism Next” book is to the rescue.

I found the explanation about the difference between the World Wide Web and the Internet to interesting. He explains that essentially the World Wide Web is like a portal that gives you access to the information through it. It is not the computer network and doesn’t include things like email, instant messaging and file transfers. All of those things are completed by the Internet. Who knew right? All this time I was walking around thinking that these two were the exact same thing.

I liked how the book walked you through how to write a bit of code to create a web site, which I have often found to be overwhelming at times. The book stresses how important it is for today’s journalist to be familiar and comfortable writing code. It seems that today’s modern journalist is expected to not only to be able to write eloquently, but also have the ability to build a platform for the content to rest upon. Talk about added pressure.

I do agree with the author in that one should be familiar with code to have a better understanding of their content is stored and presented. But, I am not sure if that is a reasonable explanation for journalist to also be somewhat savvy when it comes to computer coding? I mean be familiar with HTML, CSS and XML is one thing, but being able to actually to write code for these is another separate ball game.

I did like how it recommended WordPress as a good alternative to bloggers who don’t want to have to pay a website hosting fees. I myself have used WordPress in the past for creating a blog and found the whole process really easy due to how WordPress walks you through each step. In the chapter it also does this from explaining how to make a new post to even helping you chose a theme for your blog.

I enjoyed reading this chapter and liked how positive and practical the advice was for my future career as journalists. This chapter seemed to help prep me for what I need to know in order to survive the competition that exists in the journalism job market.

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