Blogging: The new way to share a part of ourselves with the world.


Finally, blogging has been made simpler with the help of Briggs, in chapter 2 Briggs talk about Microblogging. Blogs are considered to me a more traditional media with its formatting, having a long story, while microblogging is short small post on social media. Microblogging is more up to the minute with the latest news unlike traditional blogging.

I did like how the author stresses the point that blogs are not very easy and that the whole point of blog is to start a conversation. I know personally after going on job interviews or internship interviews the advice that I am always getting is to start a blog to get my writing out there. Maybe that is to old school, maybe microblogging is the future of news? Why not, it’s easy to read and understand quickly without taking the time to read the entire long article.

The author makes the point also that microblogging is done primarily one Twitter in 140 characters or less, but he doesn’t really talk about other social media platforms. I mean I get news clips from almost all my social media accounts like Facebook, Tumblr, Snapchat and even Instagram. Twitter sometimes tends to more focus of the length of what you are saying and sometimes that is not always a good thing because not everyone can accurately express the news in 140 character or less.

I really like in this chapter how the author walks you through the process of blogging and microblogging. He doesn’t put either blog style down and gives really helpful hints to be successful at each. He stresses and goes over how to essentially conquer Twitter and gain an audience.

My favorite part of the whole chapter was towards the end with the interview with Matt Thompson. He made the valid point that it is more important to have a captive audience who will read and come back for more of your work than to have only a few good single posts. He says that audience following is far more powerful than having good work out there that no one really reads. Which is an interesting concept and makes the authors point about the importance of microblogging in my opinion.

I agree and disagree with Thompson, sure audience following is important but I think that the material you put out there is just as important. I mean it is our responsibility as journalists to make sure that we provide quality and as true as possible work. If we are so worried about gaining a following and less focused on the content that we are putting out, then I think that is problematic because then we are not doing our jobs.

I think that one has to find a balance between the two, audience and content. Sure a large audience following means that more people will hear what you have to say, but there are plenty of people out there with large followings but having nothing worthwhile to say, content still matters. My grandma often says to me that a small voice is often louder than a crowds and she is right because we need to be more concern about what we’re actually saying and less about who is listening to us.


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